The Benefits of Dry Ice Blasting

Dry ice blasting is less time consuming and very cost effective. Unlike traditional methods which used solvents for cleaning purposes, we only use dry ice particles. In addition to this, all our equipment is ready for use and does not require assembly or disassembly like most traditional equipment does. Benefits at Subzero do not seem to end, so the next time you have a cleaning assignment, you know exactly who to contact, let us show you the benefits of dry ice blasting.


Increases uptime through in-situ cleaning with Dry Ice

  • The process is fast, thorough, and can be performed without disassembly of most equipment and without waiting on drying time.

Cleaning without damage

  • Dry ice blasting is non-abrasive. It quickly removes most contaminates without damage to switches, panels, lines, tubes, wiring or belts and most importantly does not affect the balancing of critically balanced equipment.

Reduces or eliminates the need for hazardous solvents

  • Dry Ice Blasting replaces chemical or solvent based cleaning and manual scrapping.

Quicker and more thorough than cleaning by hand

  • Get a more detailed and quicker clean with Co2 by getting into tight spaced areas inaccessible by hand

Safe around electrical components

  • This versatile process cleans heavy industrial build up without damage to sensitive areas like electrical components, switches, wiring, photo electric sensors, etc

The Dry Ice Blasting process is superior to blasting with sand, glass beads and other types of cleaning methods for numerous reasons. As an Eco-friendly cleaning alternative, the dry ice cleaning method is quickly becoming favored for environmental as well as production reasons. Due to the nature of the Dry Ice Blasting process, there is no waste to be disposed of. Tremendous performance gains of little to no production downtime, quality of the clean, no clean-up, and minimised damage to equipment make Dry Ice Blasting a cost-effective cleaning option.