Sanitation is a crucial element in the production of pharmaceuticals and dry ice cleaning helps to maintain the strict industry standards pharmaceutical companies must follow.

Because it is non-abrasive, dry ice blasting will not damage the small letters, numbers and trademarks built into molds. Dry ice cleaning is effective, yet gentle on micro-precision molds and it saves a significant amount of time over manual cleaning.

When done correctly, dry ice blasting will reduce cleaning costs and scrap rates while increasing the life of tooling and machinery. Since machinery and equipment does not need to be broken down or disassembled to be cleaned, production downtime is decreased and overall productivity is increased.

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  • AnthonyAnthony

    Removing glue from our rollers was a breeze for Subzero. The roller was cleaned in 3hrs and now runs like a dream. Thanks to your guys!

  • DanielDaniel

    I wish your guys were here everyday!

  • ScottScott

    I used Subzero at a previous company, and we were very impressed with the results. Minimal clean up, and we could do it while the factory was running ...