Dry Ice Blasting has proved to be revolutionary for the mining industry in Australia as all types of mining equipment can be cleaned quickly, easily, and safely without any chemicals, or risk of damage to the equipment. Dry ice cleaning uses small, compact dry ice pellets as blasting material, leaving virtually no secondary waste, dust, or residue. Dry Ice works effectively at removing oil, grease, coal dust and soot that can be found on mining equipment and on mining sites. There aren’t any environmentally damaging chemicals or materials involved, and tools and machinery need-not be disassembled during cleaning as dry ice cleaning reaches all the tiny spaces and tight angles. Dry ice cleaning is completely dry and non-conductive, which means it can be used in areas where other cleaning methods cannot. Treated surfaces are left dry, clean, and free of residue, detergents, or blasting materials.


  • AnthonyAnthony

    Removing glue from our rollers was a breeze for Subzero. The roller was cleaned in 3hrs and now runs like a dream. Thanks to your guys!

  • DanielDaniel

    I wish your guys were here everyday!

  • ScottScott

    I used Subzero at a previous company, and we were very impressed with the results. Minimal clean up, and we could do it while the factory was running ...