Fire & Smoke Damage

Dry ice blasting has become the ideal solution for fire and smoke restoration, as it is safe, removes odors, and will clean surfaces without causing further damage. Fire and smoke leaves behind toxic residues, soot, and unpleasant odors that can linger for years. The dry ice method removes soot and char, and reduces or completely removes the odor left behind. When faced with the aftermath of a fire or smoke damage, the clean up process is likely to be daunting. Utilizing dry ice cleaning will speed up clean up and recovery time while maintaining the integrity of the damaged areas and materials. Dry ice cleaning is non-abrasive and is the “greener” choice, as it does not contribute to secondary waste. Dry ice blasting will also remove any mold or mildew that is present from moisture buildup.



  • AnthonyAnthony

    Removing glue from our rollers was a breeze for Subzero. The roller was cleaned in 3hrs and now runs like a dream. Thanks to your guys!

  • DanielDaniel

    I wish your guys were here everyday!

  • ScottScott

    I used Subzero at a previous company, and we were very impressed with the results. Minimal clean up, and we could do it while the factory was running ...